There is no definition of the word design, because the design has raziličito things to different people. Some bind him to the art, and some do not immediately think of your business cards or clothes designed by a fashion designer.
Such narrow understanding of design hampers rather than helps because it contributes to the design seen as a superstructure, and not as the essential components is every kind of product. Although it deals with the design aesthetics – the appearance of things, his triplet task is to solve problems. If we look at it in this light, design gets a new and important meaning.

The design is an end in itself, and refers to the process of turning an idea into the functional products that add value to people's lives. Good design must come from the users' needs and ways to meet these needs. By observing and conducting research, such as surveys, product testing, prototipovi… Designers can better understand what it is that consumers want and habitual consumers think about products.


The designers work in a commercial environment, which means that in addition to the needs of users in their work affects many factors that limit their creativity: Is my solution rentbilno? Can be carried out at the right price? Will it be by legislation?


When you narrow down the problem of design in our industry, a summary could be said leprosy definition-Design: Interior design includes a fully functional and aesthetic arrangement of the interior space. Arrangement includes not only the selection and arrangement of furniture, already full optimization of space that regulates.

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