Systems with sliding doors better known as the American closets. It is true that once such systems are only used for closets but still have a very wide range of applications. In addition to being used for closets are used for: Kitchen, bulkhead door, office… Such systems have several advantages.

It is therefore very important that the interior of the bedroom is comfortable and provides an opportunity for quality rest.

  • door "glide" This means that when you open the doors do not take up additional space and can be mounted in a "tight" areas
  • have a flexible application. There is a finished product but are made to an existing space and can fit in different forms.
  • can be mounted under the stairs in the recesses in the wall, own…
  • base is aluminum construction so it is very easy to change the fill that. dezen kada god poželite
  • mostly used from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, ali to ne mora da bude pravilo
  • interior closet (arrangement of shelves, drawer, telescope hangers, wardrobes šipki…) also it comes to the needs of the customer

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