Compressed air Atmospheric air contains moisture which is in compression in the compressors and the transport of the installation is converted into water. Water causes corrosion, performs washing of lubricating oil in machinery, in dyeing affects the quality of painting.

Contact with oil creates the emulsion and causing clogging of nozzles and the nozzles on various devices. Overall, creating major problems during operation with all pneumatic components. In practice, the components that work in a system without air dryer have shortened lifespan and up 3 times of normal and in many cases is not even possible to ensure the normal operation of the elements, as some electro-valve.

While the dyeing different problem, when there is moisture in the air it is impossible to apply a uniform layer of paint, there are "craters" on the paint surface. All these problems can be solved by placing a uspršno of air in the system.


  • In every industry
  • In all pneumatic installation
  • In all penumatskih components and engines


  • Prevents emergency failures
  • Extends the life of components
  • Provides guaranteed performance devices
  • Reduces maintenance costs
Technical characteristics of the CVT air dryer

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