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  2. Air cooling system
  3. Vacuum table system
  4. 4.5kw spindle
  5. Dust collector system
  6. One computer
Mould ZX-1325MB1
Spindle 4.5kw Air cooling apindle
Driving motor High subdivision stepper motor
Cooling system Air cooling
Working area 1300*2500*200mm
Packing dimensions 3200*2200*1900mm
Packing Wooden case
Net weight 1000kgs
Packing weight 1500kgs
Voltage 380V 50HZ


Stroke X Stroke 1300mm
Y Stroke 2500mm
Z Stroke 120mm
Platform size 1380x3000mm
Accuracy Working accuracy ±0.05mm
Repeat positioning ±0.05mm
Structure Mesa structure :Full-adsorption countertops
X,Y,Z structure :X,Y,Z Screw
Speed Max. blank lines speed 25000mm/min
Max. working speed 15000mm/min
Spindle Spindle power 4.5KW
Spindle speed 18000r/min
Run Mode Stepping
Volume AC220V/50Hz
Run command G code
Operating system Weihong
Software Wentai,ArtCAM,Type3,Alphacam can compatible CAD/CAV, design software

Como CNC


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