basic information:

Title Vakum Thermoformers
Model CVT M-1
Gabariti (LxWxH) 5170x2000x1360 (mm)
Time 930 kg
Table size 2340×1400 mm
Usable area of ​​the table 2100×1250 mm
Heaters quartz
The total heater power 8,8 KW
Vacuum pumpa 100 m 3h
Motor vakum pumpe 2,2KW

Como Vacuum Technology – CVT M-1

Other information:

The maximum thickness of the element to which the foil is applied: 50mm
Foil: PVC standardne širine 1440mm
cycle: 3-5 min
Cycle Management: automatically
the possibility of using membranes (silicone or rubber;)
poklopac radnog stola podesivog zazora od 0,1-2mm

Upravljačka jedinica software: CVT 1.0

Podesivi parameters:

  • preheat temperature foil
  • temperature heating foil
  • vreme održavanja temperature
  • begin the process of evacuation
  • pressure vacuuming
  • temperature cooling film

The necessary conditions for installation and operation


  • space (WxDxH) 4x8x3m
  • three-phase power output min: 12KW
  • ravna podloga


  • temperature environments Refractory should be between 17 i 33°C
  • humidity between 70 i 90%.

If these conditions are not met in the environment may cause a malfunction of the installed electronics and consequently lead to spoilage of the product.

CVT M-1 the basic model with a single desk, on request we can deliver and naprednjije models with several work tables that are more suitable for larger series.


  • in furniture
  • in the manufacture of windows and interior doors and door panels

Como Vacuum Termoformer – CVT M-1
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