basic information


CVT Drier air
Model In 1.1
Power 120In
Day napajanja 220 AC, 50Hz
Flow 350 l/min
Max pritisak 15 bar
Gabariti 370x450x750 mm
Time 42 kg
Air consumption in the process 0,8%
Tačka rosita oC 3


CVT Drier air

Drier air is a device that serves to eliminate moisture from the compressed air. Drier we use for this purpose is drier CVT V1.1 operating on the principle of cooling air and cooling Freon . He uses the process of heat exchange between the coolant and air. Ne postoji period regeneracije, so that these dryers operate continuously. In the selection should normally, take a dryer or dryer with more total flow 25% higher than required.

Dropping water kondenzovne electronic-automatically for 5s every 100s.


  • When starting the machine the first 5s solenoid drain kondezovne water is open.
  • The device does not remove the mechanical impurities from contributing to air

Warranty Period 12 months


  • In every industry
  • In all pneumatic installation
  • In all penumatskih components and engines


  • Prevents emergency failures
  • Extends the life of components
  • Provides guaranteed performance devices
  • Reduces maintenance costs

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